We have designed our Oklahoma State Wrestling Camps for wrestlers of various ages and skill levels. Wrestlers will be divided into small groups to receive personalized instruction throughout the week. Our dedicated staff and other coaches will serve as counselors. You will get the individual attention necessary to help you develop and enhance you skills.

Campers will be taught a style of wrestling that has helped me and the OSU wrestlers reach our highest goals. Wrestling is not a sport of brute strength nor isolated holds, so you must have a systematic approach to maximize the effectiveness of your attacks. Emphasis will be placed on learning high percentage takedown techniques. Leg attack set-ups and finishes will be taught thoroughly in an easy to understand fashion.

From the bottom position, the primary focus will be on stand-up, the safest and most effective method of scoring from the bottom. Other escapes and mat wrestling will be covered as well. From the top position, we will teach a series of different rides, breakdowns and turns.

All the different skills and techniques taught will be drilled repetitively, so you can learn them, remember them, and be able to perform them in live matches. We will structure drills to help you become the best wrestler you can be. I am confident that with a structured series of techniques sessions, and closely supervised drill sessions, you will be able to score with your techniques on the way to reaching your highest goals.

John W. Smith

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