Intensive Camp

2024 10 DAY INTENSIVE CAMP - June 16-25

. . . for the serious wrestler who wants to be great.

At Oklahoma State University, we are committed to helping you become great! This camp will give you the opportunity to train the way you must train to become the best that you can be. Train side-by-side with the greatest wrestler in American history. The intensive training camp consists of four workouts a day for 10 days, including running and weightlifting.

Resident Camper $1,200
Fee includes instruction, lodging at Bennett Suite Dorms, meals, insurance, use of facilities, etc.
Commuter Camper $750
Fee include instruction, insurance, use of facilities, etc. (Does NOT include lodging or meals)

A non-refundable advanced deposit of $200 is required. No refunds will be made except under unusual circumstances. NCAA rules permit seniors to attend camps.

Registration for Intensive camp will be from 4 to 6 pm on Sunday at location Bennett Suite Dorms.
After registering, each camper will be sent a confirmation email. (check your email's spam/junk folder if not received within 24 hour of registering)

Transportation to and from camp is each camper's responsibility. Flights should be made into Stillwater or Oklahoma City airports. To make arrangements for airline pickup and delivery call (405) 372-2713 or email with itinerary. A $25 charge for Oklahoma City airport pickup/delivery (140 miles round trip) or $10 charge for Stillwater airport pickup/delivery is required by an NCAA rule, not a camp rule. NCAA rules do permit seniors to attend summer camps. 

The first meal will be Monday morning and the last meal will be breakfast on the last day.

Each camper will be expected to supply their own workout gear (shoes, shirts, shorts, singlets), extra socks and underwear are encouraged, toiletries, shower towel, etc. 

ALL resident campers will be staying in Bennett Suite Dorms and should bring bedding and a shower towel.

For more information on facilities, what to bring, insurance, flights, airline pickup, etc., see the General Information page.

This camp is for the serious wrestler!


6:30-7:30       Distance runs, sprints, sprint-jogs, stairs, etc.
7:30-8:30       Breakfast
10:30-12:00  Technique sessions-training, drilling, learning new skills.
12:00-1:00     Lunch
3:00-5:00       Practice-hard wrestling, hard drilling, conditioning exercises.
5:00-600        Dinner
7:00-9:00       Lifting, technique session or film.
10:30             In Rooms
11:00              Lights out