OSU Wrestling Camps
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I choose my roommate? Yes, make this request at check in. It is easiest if your buddy is with you at check in as roommates are assigned at check in.

TECHNIQUE: Two Campers to a room at Bennett Suite Dorms.
INTENSIVE: Two Campers to a room at Bennett Suite Dorms.

TEAM: Four campers per room at hotels. 

2. What time are the technique campers done on Thursday? There is a single elimination tournament that starts at 9 am. After you win/lose, you are free to check out of the dorms.

3. Can parents attend the camps/tournament? Yes, parents are welcome to watch any of the sessions they want, including the tournament.

4. What time are the Intensive Campers done on Tuesday? Tuesday morning consists of a LONG run. As soon as you complete this, you are free to go. If your travel arrangements require you to leave early, we can schedule your run for the night before if needed.

5. Where do I need to go for the airport shuttle? You need to wait in the baggage claim area. Due to airport security, the camp staff cannot enter the terminal to look for you. If for some reason you cannot locate our driver (they will have on OSU shirts), or camp staff cannot locate you, they will have you paged. DO NOT LEAVE BAGGAGE CLAIM! If you need assistance, call Mark Perry at 405.269.1962.

6. What is the fee for the shuttle? The fee is $10 charge for Stillwater airport pickup/delivery or $25 charge for Oklahoma City airport pickup/delivery (140 miles round trip) and must be paid to the driver. It is an NCAA rule that we collect this fee.

7. Is there a laundry facility on site? Yes, there is a coin operated laundry facility at the dorms and camp staff that will do laundry (for a fee) as well.

8. What is a “commuter/non-resident”? A commuter/non-resident is a camper who is not staying in the hotel/dorm. Commuters are generally local wrestlers who will be staying off site. The commuter fee does NOT include any meals or lodging.

9. When do meals begin/end? Intensive & Technique meals begin with BREAKFAST on Monday, and end with BREAKFAST on the last day of camp. Team meals begin with BREAKFAST on Friday and end with BREAKFAST on the last day of camp.

10. Do I need to bring a singlet? We do not require you to wear a singlet, shorts and t-shirt are acceptable, but some wrestlers prefer to wear a singlet.

11. What is available in the camp store? There are items for sale such as snacks, drinks, souvenirs, shorts, t-shirts, etc.

12. How to make payment on account or pay of account balance? Go to, https://campsself.active.com/OSUWrestlingCamps, login to your online account and click on the big yellow button that says make a payment at the top of the page.